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Sometimes Gluten is Hidden

It is sometimes difficult to know what is in manufactured food. As we become more familiar with the names for gluten, somewhat unethical practices have arisen due to the lack of public outcry. If you are concerned about gluten finding its way back into your life,  you might be interested in the following  that shows you foods with hidden gluten.

Benign Sounding Names containing Gluten

When you read through the ingredients of food, you see a few familiar names, but there are some that are a mystery to you. Some of the names that are generally used for items containing gluten are:

  • atta
  • kamut
  • hydrolyzed wheat protein
  • durum
  • farro
  • malt
  • rye bread
  • semolina
  • farina
  • wheat, rye and barley

If you have serious gluten sensitivity,  it is important that you avoid these foods and their processed versions.

Sensitive to gluten? Avoid wheat.

Ask the Manufacturer about Gluten in their Food

At times it is impossible to know what’s going with the chemical makeup of certain foods. If they’ve been changed, get in touch with someone from the manufacturer unless you have some kind of food testing kit. If you can impress on them that you have special medical circumstances to prevent illness from gluten exposure.

Gluten and Dining Out

When dining out, a check of their menu online (most places do it now) can help you identify foods that may include gluten so when you arrive at the dining establishment you will already have knowledge about their food and gluten.

If you unsure about some food, ask the staff there if you are unsure if a dish contains gluten. Also, be aware of cross-contamination. It is a hidden problem when eating food that you know to normally be gluten free. And if your server is unsure ask to speak with someone more knowledgeable such as the manager or chef.

Remember that it is not a good idea to assume. Restaurants do certain things to foods to give them more flavor and assuming they won’t marinade, sauté, or add flour to a dish to give it more flavor will only cause you problems. It’s best to ask if they do those types of things so you can ask them not to do it with your dish. While some places have dishes put together already and can’t remove things from it, it doesn’t mean all of them do it, so it’s best to ask.

So eating gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t dine out. Just remember to research and ask questions.

Sauces, Soups, Seasoning and Sausage

The foods mentioned here may surprise you with their gluten levels.

The gluten found in liquid foods like spaghetti sauce, several varieties of creamy soups and popular seasoning packets has usually been added as a thickening agent, but it’s inclusion in sausage is entirely filler. With a small amount of research, it should be relatively easy to find processed meats without gluten that can be enjoyed in very small doses.

Some of these meats are clearly marked as containing gluten.

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